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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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50% contained. cal fire got the call about 12:30 this afternoon of a small fire on soda canyon road. when firefighters got to the scene, a dozen acres of brush burned and the fire pushed by winds was moving towards homes. cal fire called in two chops for water drops but no tankers because they are not prepared to fly right now because it is winter. eight hand crews, 140 firefighters got the call also to move in on the ground. how did this start? the initial report from the resident who called 911 it was a controlled burn and that is the case, a small vineyard burning brush. >> bay area quality management will say yes or no to burn days and this happened to be an approved burn day. so the vineyards will burn
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their product. >> reporter: back live here in napa. it appears no vines have burned in the soda fire. only brush. crews are expected to remain out here throughout the night and into the morning. for more on the gusty winds we experienced today in napa valley, chief meteorologist bill martin for more on that. >> i suspect that the high wind advisory has lot to do, the strong winds in the napa valley with the fire getting out of control. wind gusts at 35 miles per hour. we have a high wind advisory in effect. close here, you can see where the fire is. the soda fire. temperatures 68 degrees. humidity not that low. wind gusts 25 miles per hour. we are looking that fire. the smoke has begun to die down. a trurain and wind driven fire but conditions are getting better. wind advisory should go away at
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10:00 tonight. i will be back, we will look at your bay area forecast. we had more records today. stay with us for updates on the fire on air and on also watch video of the flames and the fire fight. a woman who got trapped under muni train suffered only scratches. it happened before 1:30 this afternoon. the woman became stuck after walking between train cars. officials say rescuers freed her in 20 minutes. residents back home after a car crashed caused a gas leak. around noon a man swerved, lost control and crashed into a home. that crash severed a gas line. pg&e repairedpairedpaired the leak. no one was injured.
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75 law enforcement officers served warrants and made arrests in a child porn sweep. three men were arrested. a teen from novato was among them. child porn is a huge problem in recent years. >> child pornography crime is growing. grows 150% each year. the fastest growing crime in the united states. the men are suspected of taking child pornography off the internet and downloading it. a new search for human remains begun but crews moved to calaveras county. they are folked near san andreas where -- focused near san an dries where remains were found earlier this month.
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neighbors are not surprised crews returned. >> not at all. >> reporter: why? >> because i think there is more back there. we live here. we know. we hear. you know? >> investigators are searching in an area near property that was owned by the family of wesley shermantine. the searches have prompted a lawmaker to propose a bill requiring the state pay for the operation. she says it is unfair for two counties to foot the bill since it is likely the victims will be from all over the state. >> there are potential victims from multiple counties. there is one website that includes victims from 21 counties in california. >> she has a personal connection to the story. her cousin went missing in the
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80s. police speculated she might have been one of wesley shermantine and loren herzog's victims. man convicted in the shooting of a hells angels' leader. christopher bryan ablett was found guilty in the killing. he was a member of the mongols motorcycle gang. he faces three life terms in prison and is scheduled to be sented may 15. crews are busy washing off symbols painted on a church. ktvu's robert handa is live with a controversy on why it took the clean up so long. robert? the clean up, the repairs and the healing process continues and so does the debate over how leaders dealt with removing the graffiti. >> reporter: the priest blessed the new cross put up this
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morning. the original cross was knocked to the ground. other vandalism including spray painting of joseph is mary -- joseph and mary. he still feels no hate for the vandals. >> as a priest i offer my forgiveness and compassion. >> reporter: the vandalism through visitors because he chose not to remove the graffiti right away for a teachable moment. >> looking at the desecration i started to get more anger but then i knew repentson the way of salvation. >> reporter: some agreed. >> i pray personally that we do leave it up for a while and let others see. >> reporter: but other pastors disagree. >> cover it up so not to give whoever did it that, you know,
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hey, we got free publicity. >> reporter: late this afternoon they cleaned the statues and a crew began removing the graffiti. >> hopefully the community will rally around that and be more appreciative. >> reporter: are you glad it is removed? >> certainly. >> an hour ago he conducted a blessing of the cleaned up statues. police need the public's help. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. new ktvu channel 2 news poll shows of the three tax hike proposals one is gaining the most support. the first tax plan is from the california federation of teachers. it has the support of 63% of voters. calls for 3% income tax hike on those who make more than a million dollars a year.
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when it asks if they were in favor of that support dropped to 40%. the second proposal is from governor jerry brown, 58% support of voters. calls for a hike for those earning more than $250,000 a year. when asked about that, you can see what happened, support dropped to 25%. the third plan is called the mungser plan. it has 25% support. it would raise income tax support on most except for the poor. which asked it dropped to 9%. the governor's plan is the only plan that calls for a half cent increase in the sales tax. 25% support that plan. 30% support extending the sales tax to some services that are not taxed and 39% want the sales tax to say the same.
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all three plans call for some of the money raised to pay for education. the tax hikes would help reduce the state's $9 billion budget gap. a san jose state university admission policy may be coming to an end. as ktvu's maureen naylor reports, residents may have a harder time getting into the universe. >> reporter: betty is the first in her family to go to college. but it could be harder for others to do that because for the first time san jose state university is considering requiring residents to meet higher standards. the lower threshold was a policy to keep students close to home. she says that is because the school receive 40,000 plus applications this year while they face cuts. >> the system does not have
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space anymore for students who can't meet our standards and we will need to redirect those students to a different campus. >> that sucks because like gas is expensive and you will pay for tuition and other expenses, food and car. >> they shouldn't have priority. >> reporter: san jose state became a fully impacted campus. >> everything is impacted here. >> reporter: the move is expected to be finalized tomorrow but today we learn they are looking at broader restrictions for those students who meet csu requirements. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. safeway reported shrinking profits today. the profits fell by 6.2% but
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sales rose 6.1%. all of that caused stock to sink 8% during the first hour of trading this morning. it closed at $20 and 95 cents. but that is still down. the dow is up 46 points to 12,985. stocked gained ground -- stocks gained ground today. the nasdaq is up 24 to 2,957. a troubling report on pe and how schools are trying to do more. with less. san francisco police make an arrest in connection with a man who was left for dead on a sidewalk, the clue that led investigators to the suspect.
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new at 6:00. an update on the death of a san francisco man who layed in the street for hours before any contacted police. he pleaded not guilty today. investigators say he had a debt card belonging to the victim, richard sprague. richard sprague was found dead in the mission district on sunday morning. a woman accepted a plea deal in the death of her boyfriend who she claimed abused her. she plead no contest yesterday to involuntary manslaughter for the death of her boyfriend. prosecutors say she mothered him while he was sleeping. a pilot accused of flying while drunk plead not guilty today. an foreign michael ferrero
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inferred the plea. he was flying a plane when the chp says he was flying low over cars. he faces 4 misdemeanor charges. bart will support the prosecution of a tax on staff. a tax on employees could result in three years behind bars and a $10,000 fine. uc san francisco researchers released a report when it comes to pe in schools. ktvu's john fowler is live with which schools got failing grades. john? >> reporter: this new report suggests that healthy, successful adults start as active children. [ singing ]
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>> reporter: pe for her first graders as important as academics. >> they have the fundamentals to live a healthy life by exercising. >> reporter: students say it is fun. >> run around and have extra time. >> reporter: also required. law says that schools must provide 100 minutes a week of pe to elementary schools. this shows in san francisco 80% of schools fall short. >> kids are getting 2 days of pe a week. breaks down to 11 minutes a day. 24579 is half of -- that is halftime of what is required. pledging to hire more pe specialists. >> some schools make it a priority. >> reporter: brain scans show
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exercise boosts blood flow. studies show students benefit. >> helps classroom behavior, memory, concentration, discipline. and can improve academic performance. >> reporter: even when pe replaces academic classroom time, test scores go up. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. in san francisco this afternoon, barbara boxer discussed a need to tap into oil reserves to help the spike in gas prices. >> we must, must, must reduce our reliance on foreign oil. i believe that is a win-win. leave the dictators behind. >> prices at the pump are on the minds of many people. the cost of gas continues to surge. bay area drivers seeing prices jump by 8 cents in one day. in san francisco today a gallon
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is $4.19. the average in oakland $4.13. south bay, san jose, $4.14. google, microsoft and yahoo agreed to create a do not tract button. the companies promised to work with web browsers to create that button. it will allow users to opt out of tracking with a click of your mouse. it should be available in 9 months. beautiful day turned into a windy day and more changes appear to be on the way. let's find out what is happening, bill? >> the wind advisory remains for the next few hours. the fire in the napa area, the winds helping the fire long, giving the firefighter trouble. outside, the winds are still low blowing. wind gusts right here up to 27 miles per hour. the winds are northwest, temperatures tomorrow will be cooler.
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we had records today. two more records. oakland tied a record, santa rosa 80 degrees. warm day out there. more highs. ties tomorrow, not this warm. highs in the 60s, low 70s. a cool down in store. you got nowhere to go but down. 80 in february, we get them but it is not the norm. to the weekend, cooler with clouds. no rain to speak up. wind advisory in effect till 10:00. winds continue to gust in the hills and in the fire zone. the winds are still blowing. they will taper off tonight. gusty winds relax as the low- pressure system to the system drops and weakens it. temperatures drop too. temperatures trend down for the
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weekend. they are down into the low 60s. starting up here, upper 70s. even though it is a cool down it will be mild for your weekend. friday, rain is north. saturday, rain is north. sunday, few clouds. that is part of the cool down. monday, crazy. look at the rain, up there. tuesday and wednesday, more of the same. highs tomorrow, cooler. more clouds in the forecast. winds shift does it. matchy coastal fog -- patchy coastal fog. that compression, the sinking air, that is what is happening. we get high fire danger. winds come northwest it is a relaxed wind so temperatures fall. >> bottom line, no rain. >> nothing really. not what we need. we need a series of storms.
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>> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 one school district's challenge to retain young students. the event to help keep students focused. and bay area company sees its value double, the pill that sent shares soaring. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the unusual back ground the admiral shows to make a promise to the men and women serving on the seas.
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the coast guard commander was in the bay area today. he delivered his state of the coast guard speech. it is the first time the speech was given outside of washington d.c. >> what you need oo operate on the high seas -- to operate on the high seas are modern, high endurance cutters and aircrafts. we are working hard to get them. >> the new cutters are assigned
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to alameda. members across the country watched the speech online. mark is here now with sports. big story. >> huge story. one that major league baseball would like to have disappear. milwaukee brewers outfielder ryan braun, he has suspend 50 games for drug use last fall. today his suspension was overturned. that never happened before. he tested positive last fall. he appeals and today a panel agreed by a 2-1 vote to overturn the suspension they gave him. they gave no particular reason. qualifying in daytona. not a great day for danica patrick. let's take a closer look inside
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her car. >> goodness gracious. >> that is the view. and another look at what happened to her. green number 10 she was driving was bumped and she is fine after that collision. and she said afterwards maybe it is a blessing in a big disguise because her back up car might be faster. second round of the world championship match play tournament. tiger woods square with nick wattly till he had to swing left handed. watney takes the lead. he still led one up at 18. tiger woods needed to make that putt, he misses and watney moves on. tiger woods is out. sharks are leading toronto 2-1 in the third. and we will have more on jeremy lin taking on the miami heat and lebron james tonight at 10:00. that is the sporting life. >> that will be a good one.
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>> already in action. it is not going too well. that is your hint. >> thank you. and we are following the fire fight in napa county, a grass fire threatened several homes. it is 50% contained and burned 35 acres. >> we have crews on the scene and we will bring you the latest on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 and on the 10:00 news right here on ktvu. thank you for trusting ktvu. anyone who grows things for a living will tell ya...
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